My name is Viktoria Gotsuliak, I live in Kyiv (Ukraine).
Everyone being adult still deep in the heart remains a child ….

Toys help us come back to our childhood, plunge us in the fairy tale atmosphere and make us believe in miracles. Making soft toys brings me tranquility and happiness, arouses good feelings, and wakes my vivid childhood memories which I`d like to share with you via my soft toys. Teddy bear as insight into my inner world mirrors my feelings and emotions.

All my Teddy bears are inimitable in its design and craftsmanship since I use only top quality fabrics of Steiff Shulte and Helmbold (Germany) production. Luxury faux fur and alpaca are my favorite stuffs while accessories I use such as ribbons, beads and stone are always natural and handmade!

Thank you that you have visited my page!
I hope that my toys will benefit you and bring happiness to you and your family!